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ACADEMIC RESEARCH is a source of information, and a forum for discussion.
We strive to inform, educate and facilitate the transfer of information and constructive dialogue.

Our team includes experienced academics and contributors to academic journals. We take case studies, analyse the data, convert it into scientific research and finally publish articles. Collectively, we have published well over 60 articles and contributed chapters to several books.

We can do this for you too!

Dads n Drones
Dads n Drones

There are many benefits to getting your story published into a journal:

  • It helps to assign status to projects– once published, your project will be seen more and more as an industry leading enterprise rather than a follower.
  • Your company’s reputation will receive a huge boost and will soon be regarded as responsible, scientific and well managed.
  • Having an article published will force you to gather, order and consolidate your data. This will help to track your progress and review your company activities. You will gain much insight into your current project and be able to fast track achievement of your goals.
  • It is a certain way of advertising your capabilities. Many market and industry leaders regularly scrutinise academic papers to keep abreast with developments. They tend to read selectively about what is most relevant in their respective organisations at any particular stage. It is very likely that, as they become more and more aware of the drone capabilities, they’ll be more inclined to seek solutions in academic journals to there particular obstacles.
  • Last but not least, your published article will most certainly highlight opportunities for further development and innovation.

Considering the benefits, getting published does not cost much at all- you might be pleasantly surprised! If you believe your project is innovative and possess data which can be processed into academic writing, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and backed by our academic professionalism.

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